Do You Offer Refunds?
All schemes of work purchased are non-refundable.

Are Your Schemes Of Work Editable?
Our schemes are downloadable as PDFs or PowerPoint Picture Presentations and are not freely editable.

Does It Make Any Difference Whether You View The Schemes On An Apple Or Android Device?
No difference whatsoever.

Do You Accept Orders For Bespoke Schemes Of Work For Schools Or Other Professional Bodies?
Of course - email us as info@schemes4schools.co.uk for more information.

If I Buy A Scheme Of Work, Can I Distribute It Freely With Other Schools?
No - only between the teachers that work at your school.

What If I Find A Mistake In A Purchased Scheme Of Work?
Then we'd appreciate it if you let us know 😌

Do Your Prices Change Over The Course Of The Year?
Sometimes - sign up to be notified of discounts.

What Do You Mean By 'Leaders'?
Anyone in a senior position within a school with extra responsibilities.

How Do I Access My Downloads?
Once purchased, your scheme will exist in 'My Schemes' which can be found under the drop down menu at the top of the page. You can download it to your computer from there.